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"Our customers are always looking for the greatest comfort and to feel that they are taken care of... By simpli- fying we provide luxury to them in a single and unique way..."


Casas da Baixa

Feel at home in Lisbon and experience the city like a local by staying in your own centrally located apartment and in addition experience the Portuguese Tradition and Culture at Lisbon's Historic Downtown at Casas da Baixa.


When you enter into Jules & Madeleine's apartment, you will find everything in perfect cleanliness and order: the colours, the fragrance, the objects, the impeccable bed linen…


Everything will be ready for you to enjoy it.


Casas da Baixa - Jules & Madeleine are installed in a small and recovered building at Lisbon's downtown. These apartments offer an intimate and welcoming environment in alternative to large luxury hotels.


Rua de São Julião, 23
1100-524 Lisboa, Portugal
+351 935 856 660
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